About us

Indra Sewcharan

I first started Arigato in 2007. After having been very happy in advertising for a decade, I was looking for more stillness and depth in life.  The age old adage of ‘How do I follow my heart and pay my bills at the same time’ was combined with a strong desire to learn a trade that would allow me to work anywhere in the world.

Everything fell into place.

As a daughter of a Hindu father, I was raised with the naturalness of touch. The realisation that everything is connected was ingrained in my upbringing.

Ayurveda would have made sense, but I chose Shiatsu, by coincidence. I’m passionate about this beautiful, Japanese style of massaging. It combines the Eastern tradition with Western medical knowledge.
I have encompassed that in my treatments, as I have studied meridians but also graduated as a sports massage therapist. In total, I must have massaged over 10.000 people so far.


When Arigato made the top of a number of lists with best massage salons in Amsterdam in 2017 and 2018, all hell seemed to break loose. I rented a studio on Marnixstraat in 2018 and started building my team. Two years later, Arigato consists of 9 enthusiastic and professional massage therapists (1 man and 8 women).

Everyone in our team has their own personality and style, adding great value to our team in their own way. I believe in giving people the freedom to express themselves in the way they treat and massage people, in order to achieve optimal results.

I want our visitors to feel at home with Arigato, but it’s equally important to me that my team enjoys working with me. A good massage therapist needs to have three things:

  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Skill

I selected my team on those three qualities personally and carefully (yes, by means of trial massages). That is why I support their talents and skills 100%. We meet regularly for workshops and intervisions, too.

Of course it takes all types to make a world. So maybe it’ll take you a while to find the massage therapist that best suits your needs. That’s normal, and I’m confident that one of us is the perfect match for you.

Our massage team, Arigato Amsterdam

Our mission & vision

At Arigato, we believe in personal health and that getting a massage regularly is the best investment in it. It’s a great way to keep your health and wellbeing in check - not an unnecessary luxury, but an important part of your self care routine.

We believe that taking good care of yourself is the most important thing, and the first step in taking care of people around you and our beautiful planet.

We believe that any issues or complaints are an opportunity to explore the way your body communicates. Massages can be a great way to reflect on your physical and mental help, and a vital instrument in letting go of stress or other problems.

We promise to always commit to helping you optimise your self care rituals. By giving amazing and relaxing massages, by sharing our knowledge through our academy and through the free tools on this website, but also through the wide range of self care products on our website, where Amsterdam meets Tokio 😉

Selfcare is how you take your power back!