Japanese facial massage

Afraid of needles?

Would you like to experience the advantages of facial acupuncture, but are you afraid of needles? Then the Japanese facial massage is the perfect alternative.

During this treatment, the same pressure points are stimulated, but through acupressure instead of acupuncture. We combine this treatment with a connective tissue massage and facial cupping. It’s a highly effective form of treatment, lifting your face and benefiting circulation- making you even prettier 😉

Botox - a bridge too far?

Japanese facial massages aren’t effective if you have previously used botox/fillers. If you’d like to make sure you don’t need them, join the Japanese facial massage fanclub!

Optimal results?

For optimal results, we recommend;

  • Booking a Japanese facial first,
  • Then getting connective tissue treatment with us, and
  • Coming back once a month for a Japanese facial massage.

The combination of connective tissue massages with acupressure treatment is magical for your skin!

Want to book?

Japanese facial treatment is wildly popular with Arigato regulars. If we don’t have a spot available for you on short notice, shoot us an email via info@arigato.nl.


Want to learn how to do your own facial massage at home? Check out the video here!