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Shiatsu massage Arigato Amsterdam

The beating heart of Arigato! This Japanese pressure point massage uses acupressure, stretching and rocking techniques, applying just the right amount of pressure in the right spot. Shiatsu is accessible and highly effective.

At Arigato, we offer clothed shiatsu massages, tailored to your needs or issues. While our techniques are energetic and spiritual, we are always down to earth. So are you feeling stuck? We’ll loosen you right up.

During pregnancy it’s more important than ever to take good care of yourself. So why not come and enjoy a lie down on one of our comfortable prenatal massage tables.

Prenatal massage can help relieve:

  • Pelvis and lower back pain
  • Fluid retention
  • Painful muscles and cramps
Zwangere vrouwen tijdens een zwangerschapsshoot
Induction massage at Arigato Amsterdam

Induction massage

Are you overdue and impatient to meet your baby? Arigato offers a unique massage that stimulates specific pressure points and lets your baby know you’re ready. An induction massage is always combined with a nice relaxation massage.

Moxa treatment for breech

Is your baby in breech? Moxa is a technique that has been proven to increase the chance of spontaneous turning.
Are you coming to the studio? Then we’ll combine your Moxa treatment with a wonderful massage. We’ll give you some Moxa (and instructions) to take home with you, too.


Welcome, new mommy massage

For all moms who are having trouble sleeping, are stuck sitting in (new) mommy positions and who are lifting heavy weights now that their baby is here: we understand! That’s why we’d love to spoil you with a nice, relaxing massage. We’ll focus on loosening your neck and shoulders and revitalising you completely. Of course, we’re happy to tailor your massage to your needs, always.

Massage after miscarriage

Miscarrying is still taboo for many people. It’s easier to talk about lighter things, but actually, miscarriages are relatively common. Maybe you’ve found yourself in this situation. If so, it’s incredibly important to stay in touch with your body and be extra kind to it. We are here for you and we are here to help.

Massage after miscariag Arigato Amsterdam

Postnatal massage

In many cultures, postnatal personal care is considered vital to a woman’s recovery after giving birth. Let’s face it, running a marathon looks easy in comparison, right? So, if you live in a 5km radius of Arigato and would like to book a postnatal massage, please let us know by sending us an email. We’d love to come over.

Japanese facial massage

Would you like to experience the advantages of acupuncture, but without the needles? Good news! We offer Japanese facial massages that stimulate the same pressure points, but with acupressure, not -puncture. This treatment comes with a deep tissue massage, cupping therapy and Gua Shua, fortifying your skin and giving you that magic glow!

Japanse gezichtsmassage

Foot reflexology massage

Did you know that every part of your foot somehow connects to another part of your body? This treatment is a must for anyone who loves foot massages, but did you know you’d be able to cure that annoying neck pain by massaging your big toe? Well, you are! If you want, you can combine your foot reflexology massage with a relaxation massage.

Deep tissue massage

The original massage for the experienced massage enthusiasts 😉 deep tissue massages use less oil and involve heavier techniques such as the use of our elbows!

  • Do you sit in the same position for too long?
  • Are you often tense or nervous?
  • Do you work out a lot?

Then deep tissue is for you. To maximise this massage’s benefits, we recommend scheduling one once a month.

Deep tissue massage
Massage rug, nek en schouder

Back,- neck,- and shoulder massage

Essentially a Deep Tissue massage spinoff. Over the course of 50 minutes we will work on pressure points in your back, neck, and shoulders. Did you know that a stiff neck can cause headaches? And did you know that there are many pressure points on your feet that can help relax your shoulders? We use the most effective techniques from both the Eastern and Western worlds. All you have to do is stop by once a month!

Our stress relief massage, tailored to your needs and aimed at your ultimate relaxation. Imagine, all you have to do is lie down on one of our comfortable massage beds and clear your head. Enjoy a wonderful massage, recharge and feel reborn! We’re willing to bet you’ll sleep like a baby that day. Make an appointment and let us make your day!

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