Shiatsu Massage Amsterdam

Shiatsu Massage Amsterdam

Shiatsu massage by Arigato

Having trouble sleeping?

Sleep is often an issue because we are so used to being on all the time. But you can’t always be on fire without burning out at some point. Shiatsu helps you discover how to relax, to eventually help you sleep better.

Tension headaches?

Vague health complaints and diffuse aches are often a way for your body to send you a message. So when your body is saying “Hello! We need a break!”, we’re here with the techniques and experience to help you trace the root of the problem and to invite your body to let go of the tension that caused it.

Shiatsu massage treatment Arigato Amsterdam

Taking time for yourself is a choice…

Stress is a part of life for many of us. And that’s okay, as long as your work-life balance is in check. But sometimes, that’s easier said than done, and some days it’s even impossible to keep that balance. Then, stress can be an enemy that makes you sick. Shiatsu teaches you how to be in touch with your body and sense where your boundaries are. So you’ll know when to let go of what no longer works for you. Regaining balance like Yin and Yan, we’d like to think.

"I lost my strength" – Gerard Joling -

Shiatsu allows you to reset. To recharge. It gives you the energy to prioritise your life - and yourself!
You know how many times we’ve seen someone get up after a Shiatsu massage and experience the ultimate Eureka moment? You can feel that way too!

Shiatsu massage pressurepoints

Maybe it’s hard to let go

Emotions are energy. Energy wants to move.
When stuck emotions cause stress, it’ s just the energy asking you to help it move.

We are often tempted to hide less positive feelings so we don’t have to address them. But they’re a very natural part of life, and your body stores them just as much as it does the positives. We can help you let go of them, to get in touch with the rubble under the proverbial rug and come to terms with your emotions.

Or are you just looking for a nice, relaxing massage?

Shiatsu is such a great, rewarding way to get a massage that it would be a shame to only book it when you’re feeling GEBLOKKEERD.
Because let’s face it, what’s more satisfying than true self care? All you have to do is book an appointment, we’ll take care of the rest- and of you!

Shiatsu back massage Amsterdam

Accessible and tailor made

Our massages are always tailored to your desires and/or specific health complaints. During the intake, before the massage, we will go over your needs, wants and expectations. Shiatsu is an energy based massage, but we promise: we’re very down to earth. So are you stuck? We’ll loosen you right up.

Shiatsu might be the most accessible massage form in the world. You can even keep your clothes on. Show up in your sweats, come get your fix, and out the door you go, in that same pair of comfy sweats. What’s not to love?

Shiatsu is like acupuncture, but without the needles, right?

Shiatsu is a wonderful type of massage, combining acupressure, stretching and rocking techniques, applying exactly the right amount of pressure, at the right time, on the right pressure points in your body.

What can I do?

Shiatsu is very easy to get started with yourself! We’ve created a cheat sheet containing the 10 base principles of a good Shiatsu massage. Download it here and enjoy!