Foot reflex massage

May your feet take you where your hearts wants to go…

Your feet are, quite literally, the base of your existence. They are your loyal servants, carrying you around all day. But did you know that in Eastern medicine, your foot reflects your entire bodily health? Your big toe, for example, represents your head and your metatarsals are your ribs. When you get a foot massage, you’re basically researching your entire body’s needs!

With Arigato, you can choose between;

  • A foot reflex massage combined with relaxation, starting with your feet and then treating your body to a wide range of techniques to help you unwind. We can include your calves and hands, or neck and shoulders.
  • Or focus on foot reflexology only, which is a 35 minute massage.

We will work on your entire body through your feet! In cities like London, it’s widely common to get a foot reflexology massage every week or so. In The Netherlands this treatment is catching on now, too, because of its unmatched impact!

But, but.. I’m ticklish!

We won’t tickle you. Promise. This type of massage treats your pressure points, not your giggle fuse 🙂 come try it, you’ll be hooked from the get go!